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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Is the site open all year around?

A.  We have log cabins available from 1 December until 31 October i.e. the holiday village is closed for the month of November.  This is not under our control but a Snowdonia National Park requirement.

Q.  Can we bring more than 2 dogs if they are small dogs?

A.  Sorry but no.  The Site rules state that only 2 dogs are allowed per cabin regardless of the size of dog.  This isn’t our rule.

Q.  Do we have to book to stay for 7 nights?

A.  No, guests can book stays for just 1 night most of the year.

Q.  Which day is your change over day?

A.  We don’t have a set change over day.  We work around guests’ requirements and have arrivals any day of the week.

Q.  Can we arrive on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve?

A.  Yes, we allow guests to arrive on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Q.  Where can we eat close by?

A.  The Rhiw Goch on the hill above the cabins (about 5 minutes walk) serves food to eat in or to take away.  Also check out our every growing Eating Out page.

Q.  What is the latest time that guests can arrive?

A.  We work around our guests’ requirements.  There is NO latest time of arrival.

Q.  Which of our cabins have hot tubs?

A.  Sorry but none of our cabins have hot tubs.  There are lots of reasons but probably the main ones are:

      *  our cabins are set in a quiet and peaceful location, hot tubs are noisy in themselves and also they encourage people to be noisy - maybe not you but the group in the next cabin might disturb your stay and everybody else's

      *  public hot tubs are associated with many diseases and infections,  to counteract this I would want the hot tub emptied and cleaned between lets rather than just pouring more chemicals in, our cleaners don’t have time for this between lets

      *  our water on site comes from a borehole and is drained away through smaller pipes than serve most people’s homes, neither of these resources would prove adequate for emptying and filling hot tubs.

Q.  What time can we arrive?

A.  Our official arrival time is after 3pm BUT we will do our best to get your property ready for you earlier if necessary.  Talk to us about this when you book.

Q.  What time do we have to leave on morning of departure?

A.  Our usual departure time is 10.30am BUT by prior arrangement (and for a small extra fee) we can often allow guests to keep their accommodation until 5pm.  Talk to us about this when you book.

Q.  Do we need a car to come to stay?

A.  We have had lots of guests who’ve stayed without having access to a car and there are buses available a short walk away but personally, to enable you to get the most from your stay, you need access to a car or be prepared to use local taxis or a local private tour service.

Q.  Are we just Trawsfynydd Holidays Ltd operating under a different name?

A.  No, Cadair View Lodge Ltd is a totally independent business and has been letting cabins on behalf of private owners since 2003.  A few years before the current owners of Trawsfynydd Holidays Ltd bought the business.

Q.  How far are we from Coed y Brenin?

A.  We say that we are close but that can mean different things to different people.  We are 2 miles from the Coed y Brenin Visitor Centre with it’s mountain bike and running trails - plus cafe and other facilities.  Guests can ride from their cabin without having to ride on the A470 and join the back of the mountain bike trails.

Q.  How far are we from Snowdon?

A.  We are in the southern Snowdonia National Park - most guests don’t realise just how big it is.  We’re around 40 minutes drive from Rhyd-Du and around 70 minutes drive from Llanberis.  It’s not that far but the roads aren’t very fast but are spectacular!  See our Location Page for more details.

Q.  Can we have a BBQ at the cabins?

A.  Yes, but please be careful and make sure that the BBQ is completely extinguished before you walk away.  Guests will be held responsible for burnt decks.

Q.  Are the cabins suitable for children?

A.  Yes - it’s a great environment for children with lots of activity and fresh air.  Older children can be given the freedom to wander around the village on their own (with a few reminders about not going into other cabin’s gardens).  There is a play field with equipment in the Village and and an area to play football, etc.  Not all of the cabins have space for a travel cot - please ask us for recommendations.  Also take note of our safety guidance regarding heaters and fires in the cabins.

Q.  Is there always snow at Christmas?

A.  Unfortunately not.  We often have snow a week or two before Christmas and then again later on (even into April or May).  It rarely hangs around for long and it is very rare for it to close the main roads for more than a couple of hours.  It looks fantastic when it’s about.  The mountains are often snow / ice capped even if there is no snow at our level (about 850 foot above sea level).

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