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Watching The Night Sky In Snowdonia

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Dark Sky Project Snowdonia. See the stars from our accommodation

Our guests regularly stand with their mouths’ wide open gazing at the night sky when they first arrive.  If you live in the city all of the light pollution can make it difficult to see more than the brightest of the stars and the moon.  Here at Cadair View Lodge in the Snowdonia Dark Sky Reserve, the sky is often carpeted in stars (and that is no exaggeration) and it can be darker than you could imagine too (I lost my car in the dark once - ask me to tell you the story).

Have you ever seen the Milky Way?  Or a shooting star?  Or a sky full of shooting stars?  Or the Northern Lights (rare but it happens)?  

Whether you dash out with a cup of hot chocolate on a frosty winter’s night for a quick look or lie on our decks on a warm summer’s night, you will have a sight to remember.

This might help you to choose your cabin.

Caban Eryri - front of the cabin faces roughly west towards the Rhinog Mountains (often lit by the moon - especially on frosty / snowy nights).  Limited view to North and East.  Good view to the South.

Cadair View Lodge - front of the cabin faces roughly south towards Cadair Idris.  This cabin has a wrap around deck on 2 sides (south and west) so great for following the progress of something.  Limited view to North and East.

Haulfryn - front of cabin faces roughly west.  Limited view to North and East.  Good view to the South.

Ty Coed - front of cabin faces roughly south.  No view to North.  Limited view to West.  Good view to the South.

Y Ffrwd - this cabin has a limited view of the night sky.  There is a view straight up.  But with a couple of minutes walk there is a good view to South and East.

There are some great view points which are easily accessible on the local hills.  Some give more or less a 360 panorama of the night sky.  Some are within walking distance.  Trawsfynydd Lake gives a view to the North which is useful when looking out for the Northern Lights.

Ask if you’d like more information and suggestions.  Also watch our Facebook page and What’s On calendar for events locally.